Dienstag, 24. September 2013

About me

Hi, I'm Premaswarupa. That is, as you might have guessed, not the name on my birth certificate. That is who I AM. Translated, it  means "embodiment of divine love", and that is what my teacher always called me - not me alone, especially, but everyone of us. Because that is what we all are in reality, and he so used to re-call the simple truth in us, which we tend to forget sometimes. So I really do love to be called like that, it remembers me of my true nature - and of all of you, not different or separated.
So I dedicate this blog to keeping the awareness of this oneness alive - spending time thinking and writing about, sharing with you while reading, open for all comments and questions.
English is not my native language, feel free to use French and German likewise.

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  1. Ron and I could not agree more. We appreciate you so much and thanks for sharing.